Spliff - Sweet ‘n Sour Outdoor 5 Stuks feminized

5 Stuks autoflower

Spliff - Sweet ‘n Sour Outdoor 5 Stuks  feminized
Spliff - Sweet ‘n Sour Outdoor 5 Stuks  feminized
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Sweet ´n Sour Outdoor Female Cannabis Seeds

Sativa dominant. Mexican Haze x Princess x Shiva Skunk x Hawaiian Sativa. Early finisher (september) with hints of citrus, pineapple and grapefruit.

This outdoor hybrid was developed by crossing Mexican Haze, Princess, Shiva Skunk and a Hawaiian Sativa and is slightly different than its indoor counterpart. It looks, smells and grows similar to our Sweet 'N Sour Indoor but is more resistant to the Dutch climate and flowers much earlier.

In the Netherlands, Sweet 'N Sour Outdoor begins flowering in July and is usually harvest-ready by the end of September. Warmer summers can shorten flowering time by approximately one week, whereas colder temperatures during flowering can result in purple colours. Sweet 'n Sour Outdoor is a Sativa dominant semi-autoflowering variety with high yields thanks to its Skunk heritage.

Sweet 'N Sour is an explosion of aromas for your tastebuds: citrus meets mango. She is definitely one of our most delicious tasting strains, this floral, tropical aroma and flavor will put water in your mouth. Sweet 'N Sour Outdoor will provide a clear, uplifting high in low doses, but goes more towards a body stoned sensation with a nice head buzz in higher quantities. This strain can provide mild pain relief and help with insomnia.