Spliff Moon Walker Kush

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Spliff Moon Walker Kush
Spliff Moon Walker Kush
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Indica dominant. Blue Medi Kush x Skywalker OG. Large yielding, fast flowering strain with a heavy narcotic effect. Pungent citrus and kush scent and taste.

We wanted to create a sturdy hybrid for indoor growing with the elite power of the much loved Skywalker O.G.. The result is a knockout kush strain originating from Skywalker O.G. clones (Ron's Cut) and Blue Medi Kush pollen.

When growing Moonwalker Kush you can expect short, stocky plants that yield much more than most other kush strains.

Moon Walker Kush is ready after 9 weeks of flowering and will grow to around 80-90 cm in height, she grows one main cola with strong side branches that will need support later on. This extremely pungent strain stretches a lot during flower and produces tight nugs at every node. The leaves grow short and wide with a metallic glow, expressing classic Californian Kush traits.

Kush lovers will recognise the Californian Kush as the dank, lemony, true kush taste sits on the palate after inhaling. The extremely potent high starts off in the mind and relaxes into a calming, narcotic body stone. Moon Walker Kush is so high in THC, it is best used in the evening.  You will definitely feel as though the force is with you!