Sjoppie cannabis seeds

What are Sjoppie Cannabis Seeds?
These are cannabis seeds that we have purchased in bulk from the best professional breeders in the world.
Popular types of cannabis seeds that have perfect quality and genetics that customers are happy with.
Because we purchase these weed seeds in large quantities and do not have expensive packaging, we can offer these weed seeds low in price.
You can already choose from 20 different types of cannabis seeds, all feminized, including 2 autoflowers!

Assortment of cannabis seeds
Lemon Silver Haze
White Widow
Fruit Spirit
Power Flower
Shining Silver Haze
Amnesia Haze
Northern light
O.G. Kush
Northern Light Automatic
White Widow Automatic
Chocolate Haze
Green Poison
Venice Beach Afghan
Burmese Kush
LA Widow
Cherry Grapefruit
California Nugget
Pineapple Sativa