About us

Our Online Sjop Seeds cannabis seed shop is located in Eindhoven Noord-Brabant 15 minutes drive from Belgium, where for many years breeding materials and cannabis seeds are sold.
Located in a quiet neighborhood with predominantly Erdal freeway. Parking is no problem, but online ordering cannabis seeds is faster
Because we are not a large inventory, we can offer fresh seeds. Cannabis seeds are in a cool dry dark place.
If the seeds are not in stock they will be immediately ordered and fresh within a 1 or 3 days in stock, so we always keep our seed fresh.
If you ordered from Seeds Sjop cannabis seed shop online you can be very sure that you get what you paid. Quality at affordable prices.
Sjop Seeds cannabis seeds online shop was created to satisfy everyone and our online service to offer the Sjop Seeds cannabis marijuana seeds online shop.
Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions or want to simply let us know what you think of our store. Mail us at info @ cannabis-seed-bank
This online store only sells cannabis seeds cannabis seeds, seeds High Quality brand, Black Label Seeds Spliff Seeds and Royal Queen seeds, basic seeds.
For other breeding materials you can visit Growshop www.desjop.nl

Yours truly, Team Sjop Seeds
For all your marijuana seeds!