Spliff seeds samen

Spliff Seeds, Made in Holland.
Spliff strains are bred under optimal conditions in conditioned growrooms.  We use carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ to form the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our seeds. After yielding the seeds we handselect every seed carefully and carry out extensive tests. Tests to establish germination rate, viability and female percentages.  This to ensure we provide the best possible genetics to growers. We take pride in what we do.

If you are experienced or a novice with the clear instructions you receive with Spliff seeds you will know step by step how to grow. From seed to bud and all the stages in between.

We do not take any responsibility for seed germination. We do seed germination tests every 3 months and stock our seeds at 4º C to keep our seeds in optimum condition. All seeds in our collection are grownorganically.The yield of any plant is entirely dependent on the growing conditions (light, soil, fertilizer
etc.), so amounts mentioned are merely an indication. Obviously, the better you take care of your plant the better the yield will be. Growing conditions and experience can play a much bigger role in a plants endresult than the strain genetics.

S.O.G.= sea of green, 3 to 6 plants per square foot ( 10 to 20 plant per square meter)
Inbred = pure, stabilized, true breeding strain from parent plants of the same genetic ancestry
Indica = Cannabis varieties characterized by wide, webbed leaves and short, stocky plant structure. ex: strains originating
from Afghanistan, northern India, Lebanon, Pakistan and Turkey.
Sativa = Cannabis strains characterized by long, thin leaves and tall, wide girthed plant structure. Ex: strains originating
from most of Africa, Jamaica, Nepal, Mexico, and south East Asia.
Hybrid = Resultant offspring from parental plants of different breeds, variety or genetic make-up.